Kevin Huang(黃冠融) Kevin Huang(黃冠融)
Kevin Huang(黃冠融)
Octalysis Prime Software Engineer

我是黃冠融, 大家都叫我 Kevin,目前在 Octalysis Prime 擔任 Software Engineer。我擁有五年軟體開發經驗、四年的專案管理以及二年的遊戲化經驗。


目前是 DevOps Taiwan 社群志工,同時也是遊戲化實戰社群的 Organizer。

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Solve confliction between Business and Engineering

In the session I want to talk about my experience in developing the legacy code that also make the product pursuit for business objectives with business value thinking.

Have you ever face the situation: Your boss come up with you and said, wow your plan is really really beneficial to our organization, what a great refactoring schedule plan, a majestic value stream. When you happy about that, suddenly he said: but currently we need to focus on yada yada, so the plan will be put into backlog in the "future."

We developers, managers, or operators are all frustrated with the deny of the improvement when business persons said their objectives is to make the maximum profit. So I want to share my experience to conquer both providing business values and working on my expectation on contributing for software engineering.

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