DevOpsDays Tokyo 2023

DevOpsDays Tokyo 是一個關注軟體開發和 IT 運維相關主題的社群會議,包括自動化、測試、安全和組織文化等。海外和本地的演講者將分享他們在日本和其他國家進行 DevOps 轉型的經驗。會議內容有日文和英文兩種語言,並提供同步翻譯,讓所有參加者能夠學習到來自世界各地的 DevOps 趨勢和實踐,以及如何在自己的組織中正確地引入它們。

DevOpsDays Tokyo is a community conference that focuses on topics surrounding software development and IT operations, including automation, testing, security, and organizational culture.

Overseas and local speakers will share their experiences with DevOps transformations, both in Japan and abroad. With content in both Japanese and English, as well as simultaneous translation, all attendees will be able learn the latest in DevOps trends and practices from around the world, and how to properly introduce them in their own organizations.